Bellesa de Claret

What to do on a day without blue sky? Time to relax and pamper body & soul in one of the spas of the best hotels in Mallorca.

Bellesa de Claret, the day spa of the boutique hotel Castell Son Claret is the perfect place to experience „The luxury of silence“, all you need to disconnect from daily routine. The spa menu offers traditional treatments and exclusive rituals with natural products of French company Clé des Champs. Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Clé des Champs is the first organic cosmetics line to accompany the body through the biorhythm of the seasons with a targeted skincare program to threat the skin.

I want to get fully pampered and decide for a 2 hours body ritual including deep exfoliation, body mask and full body massage. Natasa Peric, experienced and professional therapist of Bellesa de Claret, kindly welcomes me in a cosy room with the warm smell of wood. It´s part of the winter treatment, one of the 4 seasons rituals by Clé des Champs. This treatment is deeply nourishing, a ritual for inner strength and skin in need of nurture. During a welcoming feet bath Natasa explains me about the natural ingredients of the products used in the treatment. Blackberry and chestnut are only two of the winter ingredients while strawberry and green tomato will be used in summer rituals.

Natasa starts cleaning my skin with a deep exfoliation, followed by applying a nourishing body mask on top. I get wrapped to relax and absorb the natural nutrients. While almost falling in sleep with the smell of warm wood and lavender (from the eye mask), Natasa wakes me up to get ready for the following massage. Peeling and mask gets off with a shower and I´m ready for a full body massage with balm. The pressure is perfect to deeply relax, release muscles and stroke the soul.

I never want this treatment to be finished but even a large body ritual will end….unfortunately.

What makes this wellness treatment at Bellesa de Claret unique? It´s the combination of luxurious ambience, the duration of the treatment and the exclusive products caring your skin.

When Natasa guides me to the pool area to take a fresh squeezed juice I´m still deeply relaxed and even more surprised about myself. You should know, I´m a person who can hardly disconnect from daily routine, never fall in sleep during the day, siesta is not mine and taking a massage more a sporty thing than for relaxation. But this ritual showed me the opposite and when touching my baby like smooth skin I know I will return to get pampered.

Not missing to say that the indoor pool is absolutely inviting even so the saunas and the steam bath. But I don´t want to get the soft feeling off my skin and decide for relaxing only next to the pool before leaving this place of „Luxury of silence“.

You are delighted and want to escape to the Bellesa of Claret? The spa of the luxury hotel Castell Son Claret is open for public and offers 20 % discount on all treatments for non-hotel guests. The use of spa facilities is included in the price.

If you want to experience the seasonal body rituals by Clé des Champs or any other spa treatment, make your reservation by phone 971 138 620 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Finally, I´m looking forward to the summer treatments at Bellesa de Claret, hold in the garden of the luxury hotel in Mallorca Castell Son Claret!

Text: Nicole Rose



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A meticulously renovated 19th century castle, located at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains and offering guests a unique experience: Michelin rated cuisine, cultural agenda and luxury spa treatments, combined with the team’s deep passion for excellence and effortless hospitality.


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