Santa Catalina – Palma’s quarter with the guarantee of feeling comfy

» Many know how to furnish a house; but only few understand how to create a home«
– Unknown

Until now, I have lived in six different houses and apartments in three different countries. And although I lived in all of those places for quite a while, they didn’t all feel like home. To me, it is a combination of people, furniture and memories that turns a house into a home. And as the wise unknown person in the quote said, this is not an easy thing to do.

The cafés in the Santa Catalina quarter didn’t become my home either, but at least regarding the furniture, they are absolutely perfect, just as I would like my apartment to look like If I could, I’d steal some pieces and take them with me. Their looks are a mixture of simple and playful, but most of all very individual and loving. The many details and elements of decoration, which seem to be put together without any concept, are actually a sign of just the opposite: That someone has really thought about how to create a place that makes guests feel comfortable.

Of course, the cafés aren’t only pretty; also the cakes, baguettes and other delicacies are completely irresistible. My recommendation: Enjoy a piece of tarta de zanahoria – carrot cake – and a cup of Cappuccino in the café La Madeleine de Proust. The carrot cake was the best one I have had – and I have definitely tried quite a few – and the foam on the Cappuccino… You just have to see it!

And as we are already talking about food, let’s go on with it. Across from La Madeleine de Proust is another one of my beloved market halls. Not as big, not as busy and not as famous as the Mercat de l’Olivar. But nevertheless, there is nothing, that is not possible to buy here. On one side, there are men selling fish, a little further down the hallway you see florists and next to them, leather goods are being offered. Limits in price don’t exist either. From a bowl of strawberries costing two Euros, to a bottle of wine whichs costs more than 300 Euros, you can everything.  Because of that, I can’t really say what the overall-highlight of the market is. But the Majorcan nuts, the salt “Flor de Sal” from Estrenc-beach and – as always – the fruit- and vegetable stands definitely belong to my favorites.

Outside of the markethall, you can of course not only find the La Madeleine de Proust, but many other cafés, restaurants and bars. All of them look a little different, all of them offer other dishes and all of them are packed with people. Mostly young women and men sit here, who are styled in a mix of easy and chic, who are hip, just as the reputation of the quarter promises. Santa Catalina is known as the trend-quarter of Palma and one of the city’s hot spots, for Majorcans as well as for tourists. I am not sure if I share that opinion. To me, a trend always sounds like something that doesn’t last very long. I don’t know why Santa Catalina should lose its charm.

Santa Catalina is quarter full of life and also just like life. I am sure, when I return the next time, there are already going to be new bars and restaurants in the streets of Santa Catalina. The quarter is changing and growing unstoppably, just as we all are. And within all of those changes, it is nice to have at least one constant thing in life, to keep balance and to not lose yourself. Like I do, with my carrot cake and cup of Cappuccino


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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