Portals Nous – Luxury for an entire island

» The superfluous chase, is to miss the essential. « – Jules Saliége

Little villages with narrow streets, colorful blinds and even more colorful flowers – I have often described pictures like that one on here. These pictures are the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Majorca and they’re the reason why the island completely captivated me. Still it would be wrong not to mention the other sides of Majorca because there are many, many more.

Portals Nous neither has narrow streets nor colorful blinds, but therefore it has that much of something else it would suffice for the entire island. Luxury can be found here in every possible form, especially once you pass the gates of the harbor Puerto Portals. One reaches a place where money seems to be irrelevant. A place where water is served out of crystal-covered bottles and a drink menu doesn’t even exist. To summarize: Portals Portals is definitely out of my price range but maybe that was the allurement to see the place.

In the promenade of Puerto Portals noble boutiques lie next to luxury-estate agencies and gourmet-restaurants. International, award-winning cooks create exclusive menus and offer their guests almost everything. During my evening here, I was lucky to be invited to the restaurant Ritzi and I was fascinated by all the people who seem to have lots of money. Shortly after some guests leave, there are new ones to take over their table. Without a reservation it’s practically impossible to have dinner here, despite the prices. Admittedly… if you consider that the monthly rent for the top spots costs several tens of thousands Euros, the prices are not really surprising anymore. As an extra, during dinner one is served the perfect view on the many yachts here.

Here one sees boats which are probably at least twice as big as my entire apartment. The question “Who needs that?” is a legitimate one and is probably pretty easily and pretty clearly answered: No one. That’s at least my opinion. But still: To see those yachts is absolutely impressing.

But Portals Nous also has a different facet. Next to the harbor, one finds a nice bay, the Cala de Portals Nous. At the beach, everything is a little more relaxed and laid-back, if one doesn’t pay attention to the boats which are anchored in front of the bay. At the other end of the beach one can take a small, rocky path that leads to another tiny bay or look for a spot on the stones, where the luxury world is quickly forgotten.

One thing you shouldn’t miss when visiting Puerto Portals is taking a walk on the harbor wall. The view on the sunset is spectacular. When the sun goes down behind the boats and the mountains, a special beauty is created. Suddenly there is this unique charm which I am trying to discover during all my travels. It also exists here, in this glitter-glamour-luxury world.

The day in Portals Nous was a trip into a world which definitely isn’t mine. But that for me is also a reason to travel, to see other worlds. Here I have seen all the things I don’t have – and probably never will have. But I also noticed that I don’t even desire them, at least at the moment. Of course I want a little bit of luxury in my life as well. But that luxury means to me a good meal, a walk at the beach or a glass of wine while watching the sunset. During my stay I have seen many things I don’t need and realized what the essential to me is. And even though I don’t need them, I can – and do – still find those things fascinating. But: My happiness does not depend on whether I am able to buy an over dimensional boat. And I believe, that’s how it should be.


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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