Port de Sóller and the reason why we should more often listen to coincidences

Because sometimes you will find what you need in the places you least expect. That’s what makes them so beautiful.

– Antoine Saint-Exupéry

Sometimes it’s good to just go where coincidences take you. Because sometimes, they lead you to the very right places. Who has been following my travels across the island closely and additionally has a pretty good memory, maybe remembers how I came to Port de Sóller for the first time. I was actually visiting Sóller but unfortunately – or maybe luckily –couldn’t find the bus station for the ride back to Palma. Therefore I took an old train to Port de Sóller, hoping to find the bus stop there.

As you can probably guess, my mission “finding the bus back to Palma” was successful in the end. Even though at first, I was standing at a bus stop that didn’t even exist anymore. Even though, I was still completely lost after getting a map out of one of the hotels. My rescue was the receptionist of the hotel next door who didn’t just explain the direction to me (once again) but also drew it into the map. The point is: I was so busy with searching and walking around with no idea where I was going that I didn’t realize how lovely the town was until I looked at the photos back at home.

That’s why I had to go back there this summer. This time, I went there by car and in company, just to make sure nothing could go wrong. Under these conditions, I was able to fully enjoy Port de Sóller and to do everything I wanted to: Eat ice cream, drink Cappuccino, sit in a café and watch the little fishing boats or walk along the coast underneath the palm trees. To me, the hours I spent there were ones in which you think: Life is good and everything is perfect just the way it is.

Port de Sóller combines the character of Majorcan villages with the one of a resort. In the streets aside of the promenade, the typical architecture of Majorcan mountain villages has been preserved. You’ll find houses made out of natural stone and narrow streets as well as hotels, modern restaurants or bars. What you won’t find are 20-level-high hotel buildings, fast food companies at every corner or huge yachts. In my mind, all these points together make Port de Sóller one of the most beautiful resorts of the island.

Port de Sóller is not really one of the especially exquisite towns of Majorca. But the ones who are looking for luxury can find it everywhere, here as well. The Junmeirah Hotel, which is practically sitting right above Port de Sóller, can hardly be beaten regarding its luxury. At least, that’s what I claim, although I haven’t spent a night, not even a dinner there. The only reason I entered the hotel at all was the job to take some pictures of the view one has from up there. So I went to the hotel – admittedly, I was not very motivated – not really expecting to find something that would surprise me very much. But I did.

I am not telling you, to just walk into the hotel to once take a look from its terrace over the harbor. But the view really is incredible and you don’t really realize how fascinating the location of Port de Sóller is until you’ve seen if from up here. And even though I’d choose authentic charm over every luxury in the world: To wake up here one morning, to once have breakfast here, to once get every door opened and to see, how someone drives my car to the entrance for me – yes, that would be pretty nice. At one point, only once in my life.

I am a person who likes to plan everything in advance. I try to schedule my daily-routines as precisely as possible and want to know, what I have to do when and where. Still my plans only rarely work out in the exact why I had them in my mind. Because coincidences happen. But maybe that is not really a bad thing. Port de Sóller is the best example to prove that coincidences sometimes hold something much better ready for me than I could have ever planned it.

nyway. So wouldn’t it be better to take it slow and enjoy every single second? Therefore: In the future, let’s take our time and gaze at the world. Let’s take our time and make some memories, we’ll keep a lifetime. 


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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