Playa de Formentor

» Traveling is especially great when you don’t know where you’re going. But it’s the greatest when you don’t know anymore where you came from. «

– Laotse.

To forget everything that lies behind me, to live and enjoy, right here and now. That’s my wish at the beginning of almost every journey. To make it come true is unfortunately not always that easy. Because even if you undertake to let go and get away from every-day-life, sometimes your thoughts just keep going back to the job, the next exam or the monetary situation on your bank account. To find a place where all of that really is far away and for just a moment unimportant, is a great fortune. And if you have found one, you need to make sure to save it, to enjoy every second there and to come back whenever it’s possible.

That is why, from time to time, I make an exception for these spots. Because even though I like to make as few plans as possible in advance of my trips to Majorca, there are some excursions which are marked in the calendar months before the journey starts. I think everyone knows these places of which you just know “I have to go there” and that you cannot wait to see. Places like the Playa de Formentor.

As often, everything had seemed perfect in my mind – and then, in reality, the day started completely differently from what I had imagined. When we arrived at the peninsula Formentor after an hour-drive, it was cloudy and from the distance I could already see the many cars around the entrance to the Playa. It quickly became clear why people had parked their cars along the street and not at the parking lot. A daily ticket (and you cannot buy anything else) costs 9 Euros.

The next disillusion showed as we reached the beach. The quietness and emptiness, we found here at our last visit, were definitely missing this time. The beach is a kilometer long but not even 10 meters wide and therefore the space is limited. Somehow I didn’t expect that such many people would bother to ride all the way up north since there are hundreds of other bays all over the island and in the Majorcan traveling guides. But I guess they do. Who’s looking for calmness needs to either get up early or to stay late. In the afternoon, the first families started to leave and with them the first clouds did as well.

In the early evening, time has come to take a walk along the beach and to gaze, once again, at the beauty of Majorca. The beach is surrounded by pine trees which draw dark shadows on the withe sand and whose branches almost touch the water. Everything around the Playa de Formentor is green, it’s shining, no matter if you look at the forests or the mountains or the small islands in front of the beach.

At places like this one, one can notice especially well how much the light changes depending on the season. During spring it’s colder, the beach is whiter and the air clearer. During late summer everything seems to be warmer, not only because of the temperature. Instead, the Playa looks as if someone has turned up the saturation on Photoshop. Which time of the year is most beautiful? I don’t know. To me, the beautiful thing is to see both. To witness how not only we change but the world around us does as well.

When the Playa de Formentor comes to my mind, I always have to think: It’s exactly for these places, that photos must have been invented. Of course, it’s not the same whether I look at a picture or stand at the beach for real. But sometimes a photo is all it takes to escape daily life and to minimize the desire for these magic places until the next journey. And until then, we could use the time in between to discover the small oases at home. The spots because of which it never stops to be amazing to arrive back at home.

Text: Jessica Hanack


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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