Early olive harvesting at Oli de Santanyi near Mondrago Nature Reserve

The especially early harvest has been realized end of September: Healthy bio olives and good quantities of the Mallorquina, Picual and Arbequina sorts allow to expect a supreme quality.

"Connoisseurs find the oil from the early harvest at the end of September a real enjoyment" said Dirk Müller-Busch of Oli de Santanyi. The oil obtained from unripe green olives has an extremely fresh taste, intensive green aromas and leaves a long-lasting fruitiness, a fine spiciness and delicate bitterness on the palate.

"The early harvest is only possible with elaborate measures during the harvest and by special processing methods in the oil mill" explained Dirk Müller-Busch. It only achieves a low oil yield of about 8 % vis-a-vis up to 20 % of a late harvest of ripe olives into January. The high-tech oil mill of Oli de Santanyi is a custom-made design and was especially developed for the early harvest. The production process is technically highly sophisticated and requires a maximum of skilled sensitivity. Dirk Müller-Busch calls this exclusive process a "safeguard process". It retains the excellent quality of the early gained "olive juice" and guarantees a long shelf life.

Olive oils, obtained from early harvested olives, contain a maximum of health-promoting contents. The high share of secondary plant substances (antioxidant acting polyphenols, vitamin E and sterols) act as radical scavengers and protect the body against cell ageing and numerous illnesses.

Dr. Dirk Müller-Busch
Finca Son Pati de Llevant
Cami de Ses Mires
07650 Santanyi
Tel: +34/680 56 75 45

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