Pollença – perfectly different and differently perfect

» Every morning new chances are born. « Hans-Jürgen Quadbeck-Seeberger

New chances as well as second chances. Because sometimes it’s worth it, to give something a second chance. To take a second look. And not to adjudicate upon something too fast. Even though there is of course no guarantee of success: It’s better to take a little bit of time for a second try than to regret later on to not have done so. This applies to people, but also to places.

Pollença is a town that you can easily go by or even drive through without even noticing it. It is a town that is most of the time just “on the way”, while you are actually going somewhere else. To Formentor for example, or from there to Sóller. And if Pollença is the final destination, in most cases it is Port dePollença, the appendant village at the sea.

In Port de Pollença you’ll find hotels and restaurants, a beach and a harbor – pretty much everything a town which depends on tourism needs. I don’t want to say that is a bad thing. The town is clean, the hotels seem to be modernized and I have had a great dinner there before. But although there is almost everything in Port de Pollença, there is still none of the charm that I have fallen in love with in the Majorcan villages.

To go back to the beginning of the text: After Port de Pollença had only convinced me to about fifty percent, Pollença without “Port” wasn’t really a town that was in the fore of my must-see-list of Majorca. Luckily, I sometimes listen to other people’s advices. And I did listen when someone told me: “Pollença is completely different.” I went there and as you can probably imagine: I did not regret it. Because Pollença really is completely different.

Firstly, Pollença deserves a prize for the narrowest streets of the entire island. I have never seen car drivers having to go back and forth that many times just to turn to the right. In some streets, the drivers had to fold in their outside mirrors to get by the parking cars. For those who just want to see the spectacle but not experience it on their own, I recommend to find a parking space right after entering Pollença.

Although the streets are pretty much unsuitable for driving, the atmosphere they create is wonderful. Familiar, cozy and just so different than I am used to from Germany. I automatically get this holiday-feeling while walking through the streets of Pollença. Another sign that you are not at home: Here it is still possible to leave a bike unlocked in front of your door, just to make the entrance look nice.

Except a beach and a harbor, almost everything that you’ll find in Port de Pollença, you’ll find in Pollença as well, just a little smaller. Boutiques, hotels, restaurants exist here as well, but less striking, instead maybe a little more exclusive. To get the best impression of all that, you should postpone your visit to the early evening, when the restaurants start to open their doors, the air is cooling down and everything is kind of coming back to life.

Instead of the view on the sea, arises the view on the mountains. And even though I am an absolute sea-lover, I am able to say that this view by know captures me just as well. The contrast between those small villages and the overwhelming Serra de Tramuntana gets me every single time.

Pollença convinced me exactly because it is – as I already said – so different. Different than the Port, different from home, different than expected.

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