Playa Es Trenc – A dream in turquoise-white

» See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.  «

– Ray Bradbury

Let’s be honest: Who is not dreaming of travelling to the Caribbean once in his or her lifetime? To a place, where there is nothing but white sand and a shining turquoise, at the same time crystal clear sea? To lie at one of those beaches we all know from posters, drink out of a coconut and eat fresh pineapple – it might sound very much like a cliché, but this is definitely one of the travelling-dreams I still need to make come true. At some point, later. Until then, I’ll keep looking for little paradises here, because luckily, one doesn’t have to fly to the Caribbean to find Caribbean-like beaches.

The beach “Es Trenc“ is probably the one Majorcan beach that is most frequently described as “Caribbean” and really, it gets quite close to my dream-imaginations. The sand is white, the water crystal clear and there are actually women walking along the beach selling coconuts and pineapples. Still, one shouldn’t come here expecting to strand in the Caribbean. Palms, 30-degree water and colorful fish won’t be found, but: They also won’t be missed.

As always on Majorca: There is almost no destination which can be reached without an arduous, but worth seeing ride. That also applies to Es Trenc. The streets leading there are narrow as usual and turn driving past another car into a little masterstroke. In exchange you’ll pass meter-high salt mountains out of which the famous Flor de Sal is produced. Afterwards follows up a nature reserve with little lagoons and swamps. It would be a perfect subject for a photo – if stopping in this street wouldn’t be practically impossible without blocking the entire traffic.

The next challenge is parking, which is easier, but therefore expensive. A day pass costs around 6 Euro and a day pass is the only thing you can get, no matter what time you arrive. Who wants to save the money and is willing to walk for 10 minutes instead, should take the street in direction of Ses Covetes. Just before entering the town you’ll find the only free parking place close to Es Trenc.

Once you’re standing at the beach, the entire way there is forgotten anyway. Ahead of one lie about three kilometers filled with white sand, bounded by dunes and pine forests on one side and turquoise colored water on the other one. Hotels can just be seen in distance, at the other end of the beach in Colonia de Sant Jordi. Otherwise one is awaited by non-built nature. And if one is lucky enough to catch one of the spots in the front row, at least for me it really cannot get much better.  

In fairness, there are some restrictions which need to be made. Firstly: At least during summer, there probably won’t be a day on which you’ll have the beach for yourself. Yes, there will be other people around you, but no, there is no need to become claustrophobic. Secondly: The sea is unfortunately not always like a mirror. There can be waves and along with them also seaweed. And of course: At first sight, a day at Es Trenc beach is best when it’s nice and sunny, when no wind is blowing and the white sailing boats lie calmly on the water. But I can tell you, it also provides attraction when dark clouds arise behind the dunes and when everything suddenly appears wilder and not as sweet and peaceful anymore.  

I’m still dreaming of the Caribbean. And that’s alright because what would life be without any dreams? You just need to keep them until you’re able to make them come true. That might be one the most difficult tasks of life, but I believe it’s worth it to stay patient, to wait and to hold on to your dreams. It’s the only way to find out how fantastic this world is. And if meanwhile one discovers places as the Playa Es Trenc, waiting is not really that hard anymore. 


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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