Cathedral of Palma – Surprisingly different

Mallorquissimo sightseeing in Mallorca.

» It often takes more courage, to change ones opinion, than to stay true to it. «

– Christian Friedrich Hebbel.

In my first article about Palma, I said that I wasn’t going to write about the city’s famous sights. Because there is enough information about them on Google and because the city has so much more to offer. But now, I guess I have to renege on my promise, because after I walked, drove and biked past it nearly 100 times, I just couldn’t resist anymore. I had to visit Palma’s cathedral – and now want to share with you what is hidden behind its walls.

The cathedral has been given several nicknames. La Seu is one of them. It’s Catalan and means bishop’s see. Another one is “cathedral of light”. The reason for that name is probably the big rosace, which is able to create quite incredible spectacles of light if the sun hits it in the right angle.

The cathedral is not as pompous as I had expected. But that is no reason to be disappointed, here, you’ll find other things instead of pomposity and golden goblets. Maybe even better ones. I’d describe the interior and especially the cathedral’s many chapels as artistic. And that somehow fits to the creativity, which one also meets in Palma’s streets. The cathedral is different, more colorful and more modern than the ones in other places. And that is what makes it special to me.

What matches “modern“ best – even though it doesn’t really match “colorful” – is probably the chapel designed by Miquel Barceló. The Majorcan artist has colored walls and windows in black, which is not really the way I would have designed the chapel, if someone had asked me to. The chapel’s look needs getting used to but it’s definitely interesting to see.

On different travel-websites one is given the tip that it’s best to visit the cathedral during a church service. Not necessarily, because the services are especially great but mostly because then one doesn’t have to pay an admission. And I have to admit, that was also my prior motivation to go there on a Sunday forenoon. But it kind of changed once I had entered the cathedral. The atmosphere and the acoustic must be simply amazing when the church is filled with people. And so I walked through the cathedral and waited for the service to start. But it never did. For some reason, it must have been canceled that day. Actually in the end, I was even a little sad that I didn’t get the chance to experience a service there.

The goings-on in front of the cathedral is almost as worth seeing as its interior. It feels as if the spot there is the biggest emporium of Majorca. There is merchant next to merchant here, and they all have spread their blankets on the ground, trying to sell things as bags, wallets, sun glasses – of course one also finds RayBerry and ReyBen here – singing puppets, hats and much more. The latest bestseller are clearly selfie sticks. Surprisingly they even seem to work, at least I have seen several people taking pictures with them.

The cathedral to me is not the absolute traveling highlight of the island’s capital, but it’s one of the points which define the city. Who wants to get to know Palma definitely has to visit more than La Seu, but I have to say: Who wants to get to know Palma just cannot miss the cathedral. Sometimes, one has to change his or her opinion, even though we are always told to “stay true to ourselves”. But to me, this includes to admit that life and we as well change every day a little. And that something, only because we had it in mind at one point, it doesn’t have to be valid forever. So, let’s remember that being wrong is human and that pride and stubbornness do only very rarely make the world a little better. 


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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