Cala Mesquida – A place to dream away

» Only those who go their own way can’t be overtaken by anyone. « – Marlon Brando

To dream away“ is one of those wonderful English verbs which cannot really be translated into German. There just isn’t an equal word that truly reflects the meaning of dreaming away. Because to me, it means much more than just dreaming, it is kind of more intense. But anyway: Dreaming away is exactly what one is able to do at Cala Mesquida.

The Cala Mesquida is one of the many, many bays of the island. If Majorca is perfect for one thing, it’s sort of a round-trip-beach-vacation, where you lay your towel down every day at a different bay. This is also what I had planned for the summer: Finally visit more of the bays and not just spend my entire time at the same one. I am still not even close to having seen all the 250 beaches of the island, but nevertheless I am sure: It is not possible for a bay to be much better than the Cala Mesquida. Just the view over the dunes on its own would totally be worth the visit. For the best view, take the little detour over the wooden path.

If you follow my advice there is another advantage: You reach the rear part of the beach, where there are no sun loungers, but therefore also less people. Just don’t be shocked: If you’re taking that path the first thing of the beach you’ll see is the nude area. The sight is a little strange, seeing naked people walk into the sea, just wearing diver eyeglasses and snorkels, but oh well. Snorkeling (also in combination with swimwear) is indeed something that is greatly possible here. I think there are not very many things which are more relaxing than drifting on the water and watching the – partly even colorful – fish underneath you.

But the Cala Mesquida is not just a place for hot summer days. One can experience more than the interplay between sunbathing, jumping into the sea to refresh and then going on with sunbathing. The bay is a wonderful haven to escape the every-day-life, especially during autumn when the number of tourists starts to decrease. To me, it is an ideal place to go to with a good book and to just forget everything around me.

Who likes being a little more active, can take the Cala Mesquida as a starting point for hiking and those who like being even more active, can also go for a run on the hiking path. If you should really decide to go running here: Do not underestimate the rise of the hill. I mean, I am not speaking from my own experience regarding jogging here. But I have seen the afflicted faces of the oncoming runners and that was enough for me. Personally, I chose the walking-alternative and even that would have been a little torture, if the view hadn’t – once again –made up for all the struggles and scratched legs.

Steep ways, long ways around, ways without a destination – during my travels on Majorca I have taken many different ways. But none of them was for nothing; they all have given me something, even if it was just something small. A photo, a memory or the knowledge, that even in blind alleys the way somehow goes on. And in the end, it doesn’t matter what the way looks like, as long as it’s mine. We try so hard to be successful, beautiful and popular and at least as good as all the others. But Marlon Brando is right. We cannot be overtaken, nobody can be better at our lives than we already are. We are the protagonists of our own story. We just need to dare writing it. 


Welcome to the island of light! Majorca is a heaven on earth offering the very best of everything. With Mallorquissimo I will show you “my” island as I have come to know and love it over more than 18 years.

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