Alcúdia or a day to enjoy

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» The ones who chase enjoyment the most, will achieve it the least. « – Marcus Tullius Cicero

When I hear “Alcúdia“, I think of a day which I fully enjoyed, in every moment of it. That might not sound very unusual for a day of traveling but somehow it was. Because in Alcúdia, everything seemed to be made for enjoyment, in a very easy way. The historic charm of the old town, the colorful goings-on at the market, the wild bays and the fantastic food. But let’s start with the beginning of my visit here.

At first, Alcúdia at Majorca became for me a town, where I was in the right place at the right time. I coincidentally went to Alcúdia on a Tuesday and Tuesday is market day. That fact sank in quickly though. Because once you walk through the medieval town walls, you enter a different world. There are no cars and no honking-sound, instead you’ll find colorful stands and tons of people. Almost the entire old town has turned into a market, which makes it hard to decide where to go and what to look at first. The market seems to be never-ending. But still, you’ll find them, the corners and alley that you can escape to, if the hustle and bustle is getting too intense. The little streets where it’s suddenly quiet and where I have time to calmly take a photo without people’s heads being in front of my lens every five seconds.

Although there is technically enough food at a Majorcan market, I went from there straight to a restaurant. The Bistro del Jardin in Port d’Alcúdia is since that day one of my favorite restaurants at Majorca, because the overall master plan is close to being perfect. The location reminds me of an enchanted garden, the small talk is heartily (yes, the waiter here proved that small talk can absolutely be hearty) and the meal is heavenly. Products from Majorca, lovely decorated and even better in taste.

I would lie if I said that I have not had the best dessert of my life here. A single piece of chocolate is already able to make me happy and this dessert combined chocolate in every possible form –mousse, ice cream, cake, chips, dark and white. Bridget Jones would have been delighted and I don’t think it’s possible to fit more indulgence on one plate.

As always when having good food, especially in combination with good wine, hours pass way too fast. When we finally managed to leave the restaurant, the waiter had one last insider-tip for us: If we want to go the beach, why not drive up to the small village El Mal Pas? As he said, the bays there are smaller, but also emptier and less touristic. I had never heard of El Mal Pas before, it’s only 10 minutes away – and therefore perfect for a little spontaneous ride there.

Admittedly: The little bays of El Mal Pas don’t compare to the seven-kilometers-long beach of Alcúdia at first sight. The length of one bay here is approximately a hundredth of that. But if you like beaches to be natural and quiet, if you are a lover of wind and waves, you’ll feel comfortable here. When standing at the beach, one can see the peninsula Formentor, the mountains and the waves break. When standing here, one experiences a part of the wild side of Majorca.

Alcúdia is supposed to be the oldest town of Majorca and suiting to that, the quote I have chosen for this text is the oldest one I have used so far. Some wisdoms will just always stay true, despite their age of more than 2000 years. You cannot chase enjoyment, the combination of these two words is already a contradiction. Because how do you want to enjoy something, if you are constantly on the hunt? I believe, what’s more important, is calming down, letting go of all pressure and living in the moment. Then enjoyment will set in by itself. 

Text: Jessica Hanack


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