In 2015 Bastidas Architecture signed an agreement with “L’Association Solidarité Marathon des Sables” the organisation responsible for projects for children in need, people disadvantaged by health issues, their education and ongoing development in certain regions of Morocco. 

This association, in close collaboration with our architect, technical project manager, Mrs.Virginie Pauchet, has managed those funds donated by Bastidas Architecture earmarked for renovation work.

The funds for this project were able to cover the refurbishment and reconstruction work for the entire school in Ameskar, located in the Skoura region of Morocco.  Financed:  the refurbishment of classrooms, the construction of sanitation facilities, bedrooms, day rooms and a kitchen for the teachers who will stay for the entire school year.  Furthermore, a “playground” was added that is partially covered in the event of bad weather.

Thanks to the support of a Majorcan heating company, both classrooms could be equipped with a wood burner. This is a source of great delight to both the children as well as the teachers as in the past the school had no heating – despite temperatures dropping to -20ºC during the winter months.

The school is a primary and lower secondary school with approximately 50 school children aged from 3-12 years.  It has one female and one male public sector teacher and all official subjects specified by the state are taught.

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