Rialto Living: Exhibition "Viajando - Travelling" by Luis Maraver

Rialto Living presents the exhibition "Viajando - Travelling" by Luis Maraver. 

This project collects work of Maraver's frequent trips around the world. Works from Amazonia, China, India, Jordan and Morocco that mixes figures, landscapes and collage with found elements, giving his paintings the game of textures that is very characteristic throughout the artist's career.

The exhibition will stay until 26 of November.

"The one who is always looking for something is a great traveller. A traveller on the paths of the earth, but also by the vicissitudes of life. The curious spirits do not adapt to mental inactivity - they have to live transiting the world. Sometimes, with hasty steps or wandering. Sometimes, through the act of thinking. The memories capable of retrieving images, to revive the shades of memories, to feel those emotions again that left indelible marks. Maraver knows his travels take him to magnificent geographies, to distant places from which he returns wiser. Perhaps he knows that the best trips take him to get to know the hidden corners of his inner world. The one that allows you to transform experiences into art.

Each painting is an adventure in which different elements are mixed: figuration, the landscape, the game of textures, collage incorporating fabrics or tiny fragments of geography, written in graffiti converted. Sometimes the artist has included himself into the story of a painting. He has often worked with self-portrait. He knows that always paints himself. Sometimes explicitly included, as a character in the play.

Often, without appearing- in a handprint, in the personal vision he put into the canvas. A way of looking fascinated by the things he paints but is also capable of using intelligent irony, which allows him to be there and to hide at the same time. He paints the surroundings, the closest immediacy that moves him from the presence or the evocative memory.”

Fragment of the "Around the world" text by Maria de la Pau Janer