Olive Oil from Mallorca - best places to by fresh oil now

Now, the harvest season starts. Don´t miss it!

Did you know, Mallorra´s olive trees are about 300 to 500 years old!

Now in October, the harvest season starts. First, the green olives are taken from the trees for the fresh, grass coloured virgin oil. Later, the dark olives will be taken for the more aromatic olive oil. There are still 2 traditional olive mills. One you find in Soller (Can Det) and the other one in Caimari. Farmers bring their olives to the mills to get them pressed. The fresh olive oil, still very grassy and fruity in taste, will be either sold are stored by the farmers families to cover the own demand of oil for the entire year.

The best event to taste the best olive oils in Mallorca is the FIRA DE OLIVES (the olive market) which will take place in the tiny mountain village of Caimari on the weekend 21/22 November 2015. Find hundreds of stalls around the cosy market place in in the streets offering local products as olive oil, honey, sweets, artworks, beer and much more.