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At gHouse each project is unique. Through a complete management service, gHouse establishes a link between those who invest in a project and those who carry it out.

We are committed to offer a global and customer oriented project management system for low, medium or high complexity works. Our Project Management and Building Management services can be applied on building projects, renovations, interior design projects, landscaping services, engineering or renewable technology projects.


At gHouse we offer both complete technical service and management service to meet each of our client’s needs. With gHouse, architects, engineers and builders are the same entity, offering everything from technical consulting to the management of each project. Our service is based on the 'turn key' concept, with the aim of maximizing resources and reducing time and costs, while maintaining the highest standards of functionality, design and quality.


Our main motivation is to fulfill each of the commitments we have established with our clients. This is why Atelier Arquitectos assumes each of our client’s goals as their own.

The planning of our projects is done paying special attention to detail and maintaining fluid and constant communication with the client. We represent our clients to deal with civil services, building companies and all the other parts involved in the purchasing, selling and building process.


We are a multidisciplinary team in the field of interior design, focused on analyzing the interior space and the elements that compose it to define its conditions and needs, both interior and exterior, functionality and ornamentation details.

At gHouse we put a special emphasis on the study of each space needs, as it must be driven by the traditions, culture, socio-economic status and character of its surroundings in order to get an integrated result. The needs and identity of our customers are reflected in the project through decoration, asymmetric or symmetrical space distribution, furniture, lighting, colors, textures, accessories and materials, among others. Each project and each person is unique.

<pre>ENGINEERING, HOME AUTOMATION AND RENEWABLE ENERGY </pre><pre>We design your engineering, audiovisual, lighting or home automation project, offering an advising, forecasting and development service for each project and accompanying each client during the familiarization process. An extensive research on the audiovisual or /and home automation project allows our technician realizing a complete installation of the necessary infrastructure. This way, you can install audiovisual or domestic equipment anytime in the future without the risk of extra costs related to the lack of infrastructure for the project. Moreover, gHouse is committed to renewable technologies, to save energy, as well as performing installations to obtain the highest energy certifications, turning the properties into energy efficient buildings.</pre>


<pre>We are by your side from beginning to end. We offer monitoring and control on site, overseeing the works evolution. We propose alternative solutions to those matters raised from the initial project in order to optimize processes and needs, saving costs and time during the different building phases.</pre><pre>We control the delivery of materials, the contractors’ works and coordinate the equipment installations throughout the process. We prepare detailed plans, identifying the requirements of the works completion in order to shorten, always respecting the common objectives previously set.</pre>


The culture of landscape is an increasing need, either because of its anti-stress power or to try to preserve the nature beauty and biodiversity. We give advice and design every detail of your garden to suit the environment and needs and requirements. We use nature as a landscape design expression tool for your outdoor space, always keeping sustainability in mind and providing solutions to save water

<pre>AFTER-SALES AND MAINTENANCE SERVICE </pre><pre>Our commitment to customers does not end when we finish the project. We believe that, on many occasions, the journey starts here.</pre><pre>This is why we offer after-sales and maintenance service. As in the beginning, we are by your side.</pre><pre>The spaces are transformed depending on the circumstances and in gHouse we accompany both spaces, and the client in this transformation to optimize them in each of its stages.</pre>



Each of our projects is unique. Our team at gHouse - Global Home Solutions - offers a complete client counseling, showing you the way to your dream home.


“If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together.”

<pre>gHouse - Global Home Solutions - is formed by a multidisciplinary team that offers its customers a wide range of services supported by the experience of each member . Our team puts special emphasis on efficiency, attention to detail and fluid communication with the client from the initial stage, through implementation to the final result of each project.</pre><pre>Engineering and project area</pre><pre>Architecture and project area</pre><pre>Interior design and project area</pre><pre>Sales area</pre>



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