Doris Duschelbauer in the Antidote Art Gallery Santa Ponsa

The Antidote Art Gallery in Santa Ponsa presents till September in a collective show the artwork of the German artist Doris Duschelbauer. You can see the latest works of her series HIDDEN FUTURE.

A true poetic reflection on time and their hidden future. How can one capture the time in a painting? How can an artist plastically treat such an abstract concept.

"Discovering parts from the past, leads to, that the past becomes part of our present again. But what about the forgotten past, moments that are not recovered again, are they only gone or are they a certain future as well, that could be laid off again? Do they influence our present and the future as well without being visible - just like a hidden future?"

These are the questions that  Doris Duschelbauer is dealing with. And she tries to represent the relativity of time perception through visual metaphors.

The layers of paint in the painting symbolize periods of life in the past, present and future. 
By sanding and recovering partially the lower layers, they return to the surface - the present . Some of them will be later covered again. Or others keep staying below. Like a trip back and forward in time.

Doris Duschelbauer took part in international exhibitions. Her artwork is in private collections like in Canada, USA, England, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain.

Av. Jaume I,  70 
07180 Santa Ponça, Mallorca
Tel.: (+34) 971 69 58 32