Almond blossom Mallorca

Mallorquissimo insider tip

It's that season again: thousands of pink and white almond trees blossom ringing the spring in Mallorca. In February the almond blossom peaks. Did you know that vines used to be cultivated on the big almond fields over 150 years ago? Wine was the most important export of the Balearic Islands. But phylloxera and the destruction of the vineyards drove the farmers to almond breeding. And so we enjoy the colorful sea of flowers every spring! 
Experience Mallorca in late winter, when here we often have spring-like temperatures and inviting secluded beaches to take walks on.

Where to see almond fields? Drive along the street between Palma and Valldemossa or Soller, stop at La Raxa and take a walk through the field. Or oark your car in Puerto de Andratx and walk the tiny roads up to Andratx. Thousands of almond trees are along the way.