Flor de Sal – the island´s precious salt

Culinary insider tip.

Flor de Sal d´es Trenc is the most precious salt in the Mediterranean and without a doubt one of the island’s most important products, although still an insider tip for many people.  The summer months are harvest time:  it must be hot and slightly windy.  This is when a thin layer builds up on the surface of the salt works located in the Southeast of Majorca:  fleur de sel. In order to preserve the valuable salt crystals, the top layer is hand-harvested by scraping it as carefully as possible with a rake. In the summer the weather conditions ideal for harvesting last for only a few days.  Afterwards the crystals dry under the Majorcan sun without adding or extracting anything.

What is it that makes this salt so prized?  About 80 minerals and trace elements make it very aromatic and rich in minerals, furthermore, the flavour enhancing magnesium content is higher than that of normal table salt whilst the percentage of sodium chloride is lower.  The classic variety is the pure, coarse grained, white, sea salt, Flor de Sal d´es Trenc Natural.  However, in Majorca salt is not just salt:  after drying, the Flor de Sal is flavoured with Mediterranean herbs and spices.  Island flavours such as orange, lemon, hibiscus, black olive, lavender and rosemary give it that special touch.  There is also a variant with curry and another one with beetroot.  All the additives are fresh and natural.

Whether pure or refined: from here, Flor de Sal d´es Trenc finds its way into the world: in delicatessens, gourmet restaurants and, increasingly more often, in “normal” kitchens.  The original Flor de Sal d´es Trenc has encouraged many copy cats who are always inventing new spice blends.  There is something for every taste:  spicy, flavoured with different types of peppers and chilli, with red or white wine, or blends of salt combinations for meat or fish dishes.  Already Phoenicians and Romans appreciated this white gold of the Mediterranean and especially the fleur de sel.  Actually the harvesting process at the Es Trenc beach salt works has remained almost the same for the last 2,000 years.  To date, the fleur de sel is a gift from the Mediterranean because every single grain has its own aroma and healing power.

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