New KARE store in Mallorca

Exotic glamour and interiors for Mallorca

„Live against the stream“ is the slogan written allover the banner of the global trade mark KARE. It stands for exotic undextra ordinary furniture and lifestyle accessories. As of June, the 17thKare Mallorca is ready to supply its residents and guests with abrandnew KARE store, designed in with impressive architecture atPolígono Son Bugadellas 47, Santa Ponsa.

On about spectacular 800 squaremeters the showroom stages the KAREunconventional selection of lifestyle inspirations and overwhelmingideas for home decoration.

The KARE brand represents a unique mix of furniture, lighting, home accessoriesand gift articles. The selection of products follows the KARE philosophy:Everything but usual. We are sure, that urban and smart upper classprofessionals, who appriciate design and modernity, will be facinated andinspired how their flat could look like.

One step ahead
All over the world KARE customers are curious, creative and always a little bitcrazy. This kind of mentality seems to be the right impulse for trend setters inMallorca. Believing in the power of smart living ideas in Mallorca KARE owners Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen have set full sails to invest in the future.Their rich experience in the furniture and decoration business predestines themto promote the KARE lifestyle feeling: “We always strive for the best, deliver thebest and aim for the best!”

Idea and mission
The KARE mission driven by innovation, individuality and great value for money,expresses the emphatic rejection of uninspired furnishing and decoration. What began in 1981 as a tiny shop in Munich, Germany, experienced rapidinternational growth as a trendsetter for modern furnishing, designed withpassion.

Due to international marketing research and quick realisation of new ideas in itsproduction facilities, the company KARE always stays one step ahead of thecompetition. To keep this advance and to stay innovative, the range of productsis updated several times a year with about 1.000 new items, with public- andclient demand as a directory.

Global brand
Today the KARE Design global brand covers a network of numerous KARE Shops,200 brand partners partners in 40 countries, 2000 trade customers, internationalsales offices, in-house designers and producers all around the world.During the last 34 years KARE opened shops among others in China, IndonesiaBrasil, Russia, USA, Ecuador, Kuwait, Egypt, Portugal, Romania, France,Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Czechia, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta,Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Jordan, the Emirates and Thailand and many more.

Local Contact
Calle Valencia 47, Polígono de Son Bugadellas
Tel.: 971 424 929