Palma Suites - Your second home in Palma

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Situated on the southern coast of the island, Palma is very much a working city and a versatile destination all year round. And as any resident will tell you, the delightful maze that characterizes the streets is what gives it a distinct magnetism and irresistible charm. It is a sophisticated place that offers a quality of life you won't find anywhere else.

And in the old town, in a completely renovated 19th-century historic building, you'll find Palma Suites, a place aimed at people from Northern Europe who want to migrate to the South to enjoy warm temperature during the winter. These "Snowbirds" are middle-aged couples who wish to enjoy life and each season to the fullest and Palma Suites is the perfect home for them, here they can enjoy sunny and spring-like weather throughout the year. Ideal for active people, Palma Suites is a cosmopolitan and functional 'aparthotel' located in the heart of the city of Palma.

The 35 apartment suites available for rent are all equipped with modern kitchens and bathrooms and feature one bedroom with optimal storage possibilities. The living rooms feature generously proportioned eating- and lounge areas with available sofa beds, permitting short visits by family members during extended stays.

The interiors are bright and tastefully composed with comfortable furniture, floor heating and air conditioning. The design concept combines Scandinavian simplicity with a dash of Mediterranean flair that comes out in carefully selected color tones, pillows, paintings and details.

A lot of guests choose their suites as a second home, since they prefer the ease and comfort that Palma Suites offers rather than buying a house or apartment with the costs and problems involved in a foreign country.

Not knowing the local language is often a barrier when setting up a base abroad. Among the unique benefits of Palma Suites is the qualified and friendly reception staff who speak Swedish, English, German and Spanish and will assist with any enquiries.

In addition, the location of the building is perfect to immerse yourself in the authentic local life, allowing you to enjoy the city and its gastronomic, cultural and leisure activities. Staying in Palma Suites you will be able to take that precious evening stroll along the city's lush avenues, streets and "plazas", indulge in people-gazing and cultural pleasures such as food and wine, art, music, theater or cinema.

Here you will find your second home at Palma Suites in Mallorca.

Palma Suites
Plaça del Mercadal, 8
07002 Palma
Tel:+34 971 727 900